Kate Middleton debuts new do – and I LOVE it!

This royal has had the chop!

Kate Middleton is known for those long, luscious brown locks.


The Duchess of Cambridge is forever praised on her silky, bouncy blow dry, so it’s safe to say everyone was shocked when she rocked up to Wimbledon with a totally new look.

Kate added instant youth to her look by chopping her locks to shoulder length, and instead of that voluminous bouncy do, she opted for a soft romantic wave.

And I for one absolutely love it!


I feel like many people forget Kate is only 36, of course she is a royal and her appearance always has to be pristine, but she can still maintain her youth.

And I personally think this look does just that, it instantly takes 10 years off of Kate, and that polka dot ensemble, paired with those strappy sandals completes her new youthful look.

For me, Kate very rarely puts a foot wrong in the fashion and beauty stakes, and it looks like she has done it again.

You go Kate!

Thanks for reading.




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