Review: Afternoon Tea at The Chesterfield Hotel


As someone who loooovees cake, tea and sandwiches, any kind of Afternoon Tea is pretty much the dream. So for my sister Charlotte’s 27th birthday I thought, what better way to celebrate than a lovely day filled with Afternoon Tea. We looked at a number of different tea options, but finally settled on The Chesterfield Hotel, Mayfair. We were excited to see that their latest Afternoon Tea featured a Willy Wonka theme! The only down side is that I have given up chocolate for lent, so couldn’t enjoy some of the chocolatey goodness.

The gorgeous Conservatory with that beautiful Skylight.
As we entered the Chesterfield Hotel on a lovely sunny Friday afternoon, the wonderful door staff kindly greeted us and led us to the main dining room. As the sun was shining they had opened up their gorgeous conservatory, which displayed a huge skylight, allowing the sun to beam through. We took our seats at a table covered in crisp white linen, with a cute vase of fresh flowers and pristinely laid cutlery. Menus were served and we could choose from a traditional afternoon tea or a champagne afternoon tea (of course we opted for the champagne option). Alongside my Rosè Lanson Champagne, I chose The Chesterfield Afternoon Blend tea, which was pretty much your traditional English Breakfast Tea, meanwhile my Mum opted for an Earl Grey and my sister decided to give the the Willy Wonka Tea a whirl – which she absolutely loved! It was a tea mixed with cocoa nibs creating a subtle, tasty chocolate tea according to Charlotte.


Before we’re served our sandwiches and sweet treats, we’re given a special Willy Wonka drink, cranberry juice, cream soda and popping candy otherwise known as a fizzy lifting drink. It was yum and a great way to kick things off!


The sandwiches served were, honey roast ham with cheddar cheese and tomato chutney on onion bread,  roast chicken with grain mustard mayonnaise and nibbed almonds on white bread, Scottish smoked salmon with horseradish cream cheese on beetroot bread, free range egg mayonnaise and watercress on basil bread and finally cucumber and cream cheese on white bread. I am not a fan of smoked salmon so I gave that one a miss, but all of the other sandwiches were really delicious. I particularly liked the egg mayonnaise, which can usually be seen as the most boring sandwich, but on the basil bread it was different and seriously tasty. I also loved the honey roast ham with cheese and tomato chutney all sandwiched on an onion bread, the onion bread was delicious and the chutney finished it off perfectly. I also liked the chicken and mayonnaise sandwich, the nibbed almonds transformed it into something special compared to your standard chicken mayo. The sandwiches at the Chesterfield are all unlimited so once you’ve finished the first round you can have more of your favourites!

The colourful Sandwich, Scone and Sweet Treat selection
Next we moved on to the home-made scones! I absolutely love a scone topped with cornish clotted cream and jam. The clotted cream was smooth and flavoursome, whilst the jam was oozing with real strawberries. Alongside the traditional fruit scone, there was a chocolate chip scone, which I have to say looked amazing. As I watched my mum and sister tuck into them I began to regret my decision of giving up chocolate. My mum as someone who isn’t a huge chocolate lover, loved them describing them as ‘not sickly’, which is always a good sign.

Now where things get serious, The Sweet Treats! We had an offering of a Blueberry Macaron, Bubblegum Éclair, Fizzy Lifting Cake, Fruity tart, Oompa Loompa Cupcake, White Chocolate Golden Egg and the famous Milk Chocolate Wonka Bar. Now of course with these some of them did have chocolate on so I can only comment on the ones that I was able to try. I love, love, loved the fruit tart, I know it is super simple but the pastry was light and the fruit was fresh and refreshing after mounds of sandwiches and scones. My next favourite was in fact the Lemon Cheesecake which wasn’t actually listed on the menu but was simply delicious, as a major cheesecake fan it was lovely and light.

As I made the booking in advance, I requested if there was anything special that could be done to celebrate my sister’s birthday, the staff kindly sang Happy Birthday, gave Charlotte a special birthday cupcake and the Chesterfield’s signature red carnation.

In total the Champagne Afternoon Tea was £45.50 and well worth every penny. For a lovely day out, surrounded by gorgeous decor, drinking wonderful tea and eating truly scrumptious food, I would highly recommend The Chesterfield Hotel, Mayfair!



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