Food: Jamie’s Italian

Food & Drink

Where: Jamie’s Italian, Canary Wharf

Price Range: £20-30 per person

Now Italian is quite possibly my favourite cuisine, from all the cheese, to the delicious carbs, not to mention the heaps of garlic, it never fails to disappoint when you’re in need of a cheesy, carby fix. So this weekend I thought I would try out Jamie’s Italian at Canary Wharf.

With a rustic Italian feel to the place it was inviting, and doesn’t project the generic image of a chain restaurant. For starters I indulged in the Ultimate Garlic Bread, now garlic bread comes in a variety of shapes and forms from flatbread, to pizza garlic bread, to little individual garlic breads, but this one offered up something completely different. It was quite literally a light, fluffy mini loaf of warm white bread, oozing with garlic and butter topped with herbs and crispy cheese shavings. It was divine, and flavoursome, whereas some garlic breads can be a little light on the garlic, this one was anything but!  I must warn you though, you will have serious garlic breath after indulging on one of these.

Jamie's Italian2

This may be slightly controversial but usually my choices at an Italian restaurant always tends to be a vegetarian option, not because I’m vegetarian, but just because I always seem to sway towards, and actually prefer the veggie options. I opted for the Veggie Tagliatelle Bolognese. Usually in Italians I find there is only two pasta veggie options, you’re limited to either Spaghetti Pomodoro or Penne Arrabiata, both highly satisfying but nothing different or surprising. I loved the Veggie Tagliatelle Bolognese, the lentil ragu offered up the same meaty substance of a spaghetti bolognese, but offered a whole host of new veggie flavours. All perfectly topped with vegetarian Parmesan and pangratto, otherwise known as breadcrumbs to me and you!


There is a wide variety of food to choose from on the menu, including pizza, antipasti and a number of grill options (including The Jamie’s Italian Burger, which I spotted whilst dining and it looks incredible, may have to try that one next time), I would definitely recommend for a nice relaxed, Italian with lovely decor, good service and great value for money.





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