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Review: Beauty & The Beast (2017)

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When I heard Disney were recreating the classic that is Beauty & The Beast into a live action movie, I was slightly concerned. Firstly what if it is just awful and makes me hate Beauty & The Beast forever? Secondly I wasn’t keen on the choice of actors for Belle and the Beast, although I loved Emma Watson as Hermione in the Harry Potter series, and I had a soft spot for Dan Stevens as Matthew in Downton Abbey, I wasn’t sure they had it in them to create the magic. And thirdly why change something that is amazing just as it is?


Photo Credit: Beauty & The Beast 2017 –

I have to admit that I was wrong. All of my worries and fears were irrelevant and ridiculous. After seeing Beauty & The Beast last night, I have to say it was simply magical. I loved every second of it.

Emma Watson bares an uncanny similarity to that of animated Belle, and so she fell so naturally into the role and played her perfectly. She has the natural beauty of an English rose and that strength and courage that Belle had in the original movie. It was as though Emma Watson had always been Belle. I was really impressed with her performance, not forgetting her amazing singing voice! That mixed with Dan Stevens’s beautifully vulnerable portrayal of the Beast, and those incredible special effects, created the perfect on screen pairing.


Photo Credit: Beauty & The Beast 2017 –

The limelight was stolen by the fantastic supporting characters, Ewan McGregor’s Lumière made the film for me. He was witty and funny offering humor throughout, that quite literally had me laughing out loud. There then was the partnership between Luke Evans and Josh Gad as Gaston and LeFou. Luke Evans’ portrayal of Gaston was spot on, the arrogance, the handsomeness and the down right stupidness, mix that with Josh Gad’s camp and loyal sidekick LeFou and they were a wonderful on screen pairing.


Photo Credit: Beauty & The Beast 2017 –

I am so glad that the songs were unaltered and kept to the original soundtrack, the songs make the movie instantly recognisable and Ewan McGregor’s ‘Be Our Guest’ and Emma Thompson’s ‘Beauty and The Beast’ were the noticeable stand outs for me.

The lovely backdrop of their small provincial town is perfect and the special effects are absolutely wonderful. I didn’t think I would enjoy the film as much as I did, and I have to say it is definitely worth a watch. I would recommend anyone of all ages to head down to the cinema for a truly magical movie experience.




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